Germantown Café - Cheesecake & Apple Pie

1200 5th Ave North

Cheesecakes so light and fluffy; banana pudding with nilla wafer crust is our favorite. Apple pie with melted walnut butter and cinnamon ice cream. That is all we have to say.


Legendary Milkshake Bar

171 3rd Ave North

These mile-high milkshakes are so delicious and so much fun to look at. It is not uncommmon to find an entire separate dessert stacked on top! Try out the pumpkin dusted one in the fall or one of their many seasonal specials. 


Five Daughter's Bakery 

multiple locations

Our fav: 12 South

These flaky layered doughnuts are irresistible. With flavors like key lime, salted chocolate caramel and lemon blueberry you have so many excuses to have to go back. 


Merridee's Bakery 

1110 4th Ave South

Franklin, TN

Escape the city a little bit for the best slices of pie and cheesecake bars this side of the Mississippi. It is like going home to grandmas house. Make sure to try their cherry pie on Wednesdays and their icebox key lime pie with granola crust. 


Dozen Bakery 

516 Hagan Street

This popular Wedgewood- Houston  or "WeHo" bakery has pie, cookies and baked goods galore! Its trendy and fun! Blueberry chess pie was our pick for your sweet tooth!


The Locust - Shaved Ice

2305 12 Ave South

Japanese inspired shaved ice that is fluffy, cream filled and absolutely worth your time to visit this sweet spot. When you hear shaved ice, you may think of kids cones. This is much, much different. Flavors change with the seasons.


Triple Crown Bakery 

118 4th Ave North

Franklin, TN

This gourmet bakery shop has the best little cakes and cheesecakes. It is also a perfect Instagram space to catch your selfies. We love their gluten free raspberry shortbread cookies and key lime tarts. 


Ellie's Old Fashioned Donuts

Franklin Farmer's Market 

Franklin, TN 

*additional locations available

I think its the old-fashioned doughnuts simplicity with warm sugar that have won our hearts. Cinnamon sugar are our favorite and of course the seasonal specials. 


Whit's Ice Cream 

4020 Hughes Crossing

Franklin, TN

Yes we know its a chain, but their vanilla custard is to die for. Also their Nashville Buckeye Madness whitster is our favorite chocolate peanut butter dessert. 


Lyra- Tahini Brownies

935 W Eastland Ave

This brownie is so fudgy and chocolatey that it deserved its own spot on the top ten list. The Tahini adds a salty, peanut butteresque touch and it just ohhhh so good.