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Yeasty, Cream Cheesy Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Spring Hill Bakery is cooking up some of the most indulgent buns we have ever tasted!

Spring Hill Bakery

309 Hardin Alley

Spring Hill, TN 37174

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Even before you walk into this quaint bakery guests are met with the sweet cinnamon aroma of a freshly baked bun. These yeasty, cream cheesy cinnamon buns are do deliciously soft on the inside, sweet and spicy that if you do not get there by 10 am they could be all gone! Hopefully you are reading this blog post somewhere around bedtime to make sure you set your alarms for the next morning now. It’s the next morning though when the real challenge comes in, selecting what kind! There are so many options: OMG! cinnamon roll of the day, cream cheese topped cinnamon buns, cream cheese rolls without the cinnamon for that extra yeasty goodness, or cinnamon bun bites with cream cheese dip. Here at Food & Flowers we have our favorite, the yeasty plain cream cheese rolls, but on this day of our visit the OMG! Cinnamon rolls of the day, strawberry Nutella, were calling our name. It was a mouthful of berry, hazelnuty goodness that only can be truly experienced through a bite. We did not regret this decision. Is hazelnutty a word?

"Is #hazelnutty a word?"

The entire other aspect of this bakery is hidden in the kitchen, Sarah G @sarahbreadofficial , the owner and entrepreneur who made this all happen. We love hearing her stories, her inspiration, seeing her true grit and love for her baking, and well of course her cinnamon buns! We asked her to step out and take a photo with her business and she was more than happy to be shared. Her original hand written recipes passed down to her from family grace the walls and her enthusiasm for her business shines through everything she does.

Yes these cinnamon buns are so good that they have made our Top Ten List at Food & Flowers on their merit alone. Spring Hill Bakery is cooking up some of the most indulgent buns we have ever tasted. You would be amiss to not visit this shop and then bring some home. Lightly heat them up in the oven for an extra treat. They also offer a gaggle of other freshly baked, just out of mom’s kitchen baked goods including: soft centered sugar cookies, rich molasses cookies, savory cheesy roundabout buns and some amazing breads to take home for dinner. But alas we are still daydreaming of their cinnamon buns. You never know how the dice may fall on their OMG! Rolls: cinnamon apple caramel, fruity pebbles, maple pecan, and more. After eating one for breakfast you will find yourself thinking about them on the daily. Hmmm.... do they freeze well? See you at the SHB!

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