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West Village Tortellini Had Us Like Whoa!

Gradisca tortellini the way your Nonni made them


126 West 13th Street

New York City

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When you take a whirlwind trip to Manhattan you do not what to end up with a bad restaurant pick, you want a staple. That is why we listened to @sarahjessicaparker when she recommended Gradisca in her 73 questions with Vogue Magazine on YouTube.

Who is that? Is that your Nonni?? No its just the owners Italian mother making tortellini tableside at Gradisca in Manhattan's West village. When you walk into this small Italian spot diners will be surprised to see a Nonni literally sitting at the front of the restaurant hand making tortellini. Food & Flowers had heard about this tortellini before arriving but seeing them handmade solidified our menu choice.

Delicately hand folded these tortellini were so simple in appearance and yet so complex in flavor and texture. The rich creamy cheese sauce has the perfect tangy Parmesan taste and the pasta had the perfect al dente bite. We recommend giving a generous helping of the freshly grated Parmesan on the table for extra flavor. Food & Flowers eaters could not stop thinking about these tortellini after leaving with pasta dreams and cheesy memories.

This restaurant is one of our top ten places to eat beyond Nashville. It is a reliable, romantic, rustic Italian food restaurant that needs to be on your travel list. Travelers cannot go wrong with a recommendation from @sarahjessicaparker. We will be back for these tortellini every trip.

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