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Tailor Nashville Dinner- Like a Spicy Warm Hug

Its HOT HOT HOT right now to be seen at Tailor Nashville

Tailor Nashville

1300B 3rd Ave N

Nashville, TN

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We heard early on, that Tailor Nashville was being named one of the top 10 restaurants in the United States by Bon Appetit magazine, so we made sure to reserve a table way ahead. The experience is worth the wait. When you walk into Tailor you are greeted for a seat and at first it feels like a restaurant. If you are a return guest they make sure to welcome you back.. On the table were boiled peanuts with spicy topping and you begin to wonder what these are about. The decor is beautifully simple, navy, with warm woods and has this amazing chandelier overhead.

But then the dinner begins and you realize you have not walked into a restaurant, but a dinner party with a host, Vivek Surti. The head chef and owner walks you through a food journey that ties his Indian heritage to southern cuisine. Diners soon realize those boiled peanuts are the start of the meal that links both cultures. Vivek describes how on all vacations as child they would stop at gas stations in the south and buy boiled peanuts. Then on every trip to visit his family in India he was also greeted with the same boiled peanuts. The link is unexpected and as a diner you become completely captivated by the rest of the meal with accompanying stories. Each dish that followed was something we here at Food & Flowers had never come close to tasting before. One course was a local, shaved, thin kohlrabi accompanied by a spicy pickle, yogurt, lemon and mint. Who pairs those flavors together and then has an amazing story to go with it? Tailor Nashville.

Another dish that blew us away here at Food & Flowers was the chicken Biryani with basmati rice, brown onions, pistachio, rose and saffron. The dish was exquisite, indulgent, aromatic and served in the trendiest little copper pot with a lid. The waiter lifted the lid at the table and encouraged us to smell it as part of the experience. Vivek described how this dish was made for special guests and occasions. His words made us feel honored to be able to try such a dish and it wrapped around us like a spicy warm hug.

We cannot say enough good things about Tailor Nashville and even hesitate to post food photos because the stories cannot accompany them. All ten courses with photos can be found on our Instagram account, but you need to dine here to get the full experience. They have a seasonal menu and we cannot wait to go back for spring. Here at Food & Flowers Tailor Nashville has jumped on to a spot on out top ten list of places to eat. Its an amazing experience that true foodies cannot miss out on.

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