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Skip, Skip, Skip Over to Lou. - Nashville, TN

Cute, quaint, comforting ambiance with elegant food & a side of breakfast wine


1304 McGavock Pike

Nashville,TN 37216

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Lou is newly located in the trendy East Nashville area where construction and new business is a regular thing. The restaurant is quaint, cute and an unpretentious outside. Inside the exposed bricks and wooden cafe chairs set against the moody dark navy floral wall paper backdrop make you feel like you are walking into a home kitchen... just with a side of style.

After reading about this most anticipated restaurant open in Travel & Leisure and Food & Wine magazines we could not wait to sit down and have the breakfast cake with wine. The hazelnut breakfast cake was the texture of a light muffin with a perfume orange flavor, cocoa nibs for crunch and a macerated raspberry compote on top. Side of wine anyone? That's right you heard us right... wine for breakfast. Their breakfast wine was a dry Riesling and it complimented the cake with tart raspberries well. This pairing is such a great brunch deal at $15.00 for the cake and wine.

Along with the cake we wanted something more.. and from other diners recommendations we ordered a salad. But not just any salad..a crispy rice kale salad. We can still taste the salty, crunchy warm rice with softened warm kale, meaty mushrooms on the bottom and creamy oozy egg on top. It is the most homey indulgent salad we have ever had. The crispness to the warm rice adds such a balance in texture that it puts other rice bowls to shame. This is a must try menu item for any guest.

One of our very favorite things about Lou. is that is is unexpected. There are menu items we have never seen before, new experiences of cake & wine for breakfast and lunch options that entice you back for dinner. And yes we will be back. That is why this spot has jumped to one of our Top Ten Food Spots in Nashville. It is not to be missed!

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