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Pumpkins, Mums and a Secret Garden at Patti's Flowers

Don't drive by this special flower stop off of Columbia Ave in Franklin TN

Patti's Flowers

1504 Columbia Ave

Franklin, TN 37064

You could try following them on Facebook but they have not posted since 2011. You could try finding them on Instagram but they are not following that trend. Patti's Flowers beats to their own drum and that is one of the reasons we love them here at Food & Flowers. From the road your eye might catch the blooms and gourds that line the road but you have to stop to see what is hidden around back. Mounds of pumpkins pave a path back to the alcoves of succulents, water fountains of trailing annuals and tall planters filled with the seasonal blooms we all love to buy for our homes this time of year.

Follow the flowered lined stone paths to quaint gazebos decorated with ceramic jack-o-lanterns. Visitors can feel the care that has gone into creating each scene and selecting each flower. Its quirky garden sculptures add to the secret garden quality. Every inch of the space is covered in trailing vines and delicate petunias. It is a true flower spot for beyond Nashville.

The secret garden out back can be enjoyed by all ages and is a great stop in and out of town. Visit during each season for garden updates and new plants throughout the year. The thought and care it takes to create this garden space makes this stop one of our top ten flower spots in Nashville, TN.

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