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Pizza Done Right at Apizza Regionale- Syracuse, NY

Best pizza this side of the Atlantic and that's saying something.

Apizza Regionale

260 W Genesee Street

Syracuse, NY

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Walking into Apizza Regionale on a Thursday night the bar is hopping, there is a 45 minute wait for a table for 2 and there is a lively buzz from the crowd. Just by viewing this week night scene every diner begins to anticipate a delicious experience. As they should.

Fresh, spicy, and homey this pizza is some of the best pizza this side of the Atlantic. The pizza is wood fired in a pizza oven straight off the boat from Naples and the mozzarella is all hand pulled. We order the Calabrian because we have eaten here before and we do not want to mess with perfection. It is aptly named after the lower boot portion of the Italian peninsula well known for its robust and spicy cuisine.

Hot and steaming the pizza arrives at our bar spot, and hot and steamy is the only way to eat it. Something in the crust gives it the perfect chewiness and the charred edges from the fire add a depth of flavor. The handmade mozzarella and deeply spiced pizza sauce give this dish a unique base unable to be compared to any others. It must be something in the water, the oregano or both. The pizza is topped with a locally sourced Italian, thinly sliced, old world soppresatta that curls on the edges as its cooked. Soppresatta is a cured, dry salami that is unique to this region of Italy. The top of the pizza is lightly, lightly drizzled with Calabrian chili infused honey. Trust us when we tell you that the honey is not weird and an absolute perfect accompaniment. It is such a light drizzle that it isn't even a honey flavor. It adds just the slightest spicy sweetness to offset the spicy soppresatta. It's so good we were looking up flights to this region of Italy as we ate.

We finished the meal with the hazelnut budino, a chocolately rich Italian pudding mousse, that served as the perfect sweet bite to compliment a savory meal. Apizza Regionale is definitely a place that every foodie should experience just once. Mangia!

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