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Nashville Gardens of Babylon is Bananas!

Walk, rest and breathe at this Nashville garden escape

Gardens of Babylon

900 Rosa L Parks Blvd

Nashville, TN 37208

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Just walking in nature can provide that daily calm a person needs to recharge and one of the many reasons we here at Food & Flowers are obsessed with Gardens of Babylon. There is something special about the quiet escape of a green space inside a city's concrete jungle.

"There is something special about the quiet escape

of a green space inside a city's concrete jungle."

- Food & Flowers

This green space tucked away from the Nashville crowds can be found off of Rosa Parks Boulevard, attached to the Nashville Farmers Market. The space to rest, breathe and walk among the flowers is one of the many reasons we obsess over this garden center in the heart of Nashville; location, location, location! Also the reason why they have made our top ten list of flower spots in Nashville, TN. Greenhouses of tropical desert house plants, delicate orchids and hydrangea blooms line the aisles of this family-owned garden center for you to walk among and purchase to take home.

Unique rock sculptures and planters also line the aisles and provide their own architecture for this space.

Fall mums, pumpkins, ornamental cabbage and container gardens with swaying grasses are beginning to grace the aisles as well. Its seasonal and fresh at Gardens of Bablyon. Breathe it in and take your time selecting the perfect plant for your apartment balcony, sunny window or even your outdoor garden. Be sure to look up because the plants grow tall and tucked among the branches we were even able to spot some bananas! That's bananas!

Seriously though you need to take the time time to walk the streets of Nashville, eat the good food but do not forget to stop and smell the flowers. Don't worry a sandwich or rice bowl are right around the corner at one of the many restaurants in the Farmer's Market. However you do not need to find a table in their overcrowded lunch area; take a walking lunch through aisles at Gardens of Babylon.

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