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Must Eat in Nashville TN: Butchertown Hall

Yum and yum to this authentic smoked flavor in Germantown

Butchertown Hall

1416 4th Ave N

Nashville, TN

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Nestled on a corner in Historic Germantown in Nashville, TN lies an authentic smoked flavor with care put into each bite at Butchertown Hall. Little touches throughout our lunch meal made it a very unique experience. From the wood-fired sirloin, pickled chayote, to the sour punch of the hand crafted drink.

We were surprised though by our favorite most delicious, tender bite: a grilled chicken taco. It takes skill to get that perfect touch of smokiness to the chicken all while retaining its moisture. The smoky chicken was balanced with a slightly sweet pineapple, grilled onion relish, white BBQ sauce and cilantro. YUM and yum. The lunch taco options are fun with the pick three option. This means you get three different tastes. We also tried the pulled pork and oak-roasted brisket with chayote slaw, and only wanted more. We predict future dinner plans to order the whole chicken menu option in our future. This taco took them to #6 on our top ten list of food spots in Nashville, TN.

The prettiest dish of our lunch experience were the huevos rancheros with sirloin. That perfect amount of smoke hit us again in their wood-fired sirloin complemented by the creaminess of the slow cooked pinto beans, crisp tortilla and crumbly queso fresco. Our only suggestion would be to order this with a side of pickled jalapenos and slice of lime. It was screaming for some acid and heat! Our waiter accommodated us immediately and catered to our needs.

Oh and please don't forget to try their hand-crafted sodas. The prickly pear, rosemary soda was the perfect sweet and sour to cleanse your palate against the hearty dishes. It really is a must sip.

Eat indoors in their clean crisp setting or outdoors under the twinkly lights. This spot in Nashville is a must eat! We just have to go back for another chicken taco... and another... and another. Butchertown Hall you smoked it!

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