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Must Eat: Best Chocolate Chip Cookie E.V.E.R.

Levain Bakery it is official. You are the best.

Levain Bakery

167 West 74th St

New York City

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Crispy cooked outside, ooey gooey inside, a subtle vanilla flavor, crunchy toasted walnuts all served warm in the downstairs upper west side Levain Bakery. Is your mouth watering yet? This bakery makes the best chocolate chip cookie we have ever eaten in our lives. The cookie lives up to all its hype. The locals love them, the tourists love them. Everyone loves them.

The west side Levain Bakery location is our favorite because of its secret underground quality. It seems like its a hidden secret bakery only you know about.... but the word is out. One of our contributors messaged a friend who lives in Manhattan to make sure they knew about the cookies. They already had a package of them on the kitchen counter. Listen to us and just go and try the most amazing chocolate chip walnut cookie you will ever eat. It is an entire meal in the shape of the cookie though, so save room. You will not want to share.

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