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Manhattan Butter + Sugar + Love = Cupcake Perfection

Magnolia Bakery has a confection perfection of a cupcake

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker Street & W 11th St

New York City

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It hits you when you walk in off of Bleecker Street: that warm butter smell mixed with sugar. The Easter egg color frostings and confetti sprinkles draw you in. Before you know it you find yourself leaving with a dozen cupcakes and a plan to only eat one. The vanilla vanilla cupcake is utter perfection. The sweet but not to sweet tender cupcake bottom that peels away perfectly from the wrapper. The frosting layered on top in the perfect 1:1 ratio of buttery frosting to cake. The sweetness of the frosting is balanced out by the savory,not too sweet cake. The depth to the vanilla flavor can only be experienced with a bite.

All of a sudden you realize you have had a cupcake at each meal and there is just enough to get back to your hotel. You take the subway and share... They are too good to not be eaten day of. Soon you find yourself planning your trip around another "accidental" stop at Magnolia bakery to get more. Its true, we are obsessed with these cupcakes at Food & Flowers. They are nostalgic because we had them at our first trip to New York City in 2001. It must be something in the Manhattan water... Our favorite location is on Bleecker Street. The original where the famous Sex and the City cupcake location was filmed. It was never about the fashion for us on that show.. its always been about the food.

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