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Lyra, Lyra, Lyra - Nashville, TN

Updated: Feb 26

Middle Eastern love affair with food

935 W. Eastland Ave

Nashville, TN 37206

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Its simple, here at Food & Flowers we are in love with Lyra. When you walk into a restaurant and handmade, just fired pitas are coming out off the kitchen, you know its going to be good. At Lyra diners are graced with a simple modern atmosphere that supports a foodie's focus on just the food. 

The menu changes with the season and new dishes are always appearing that make each visit more exciting. Sitting down to begin the meal we recommend their freshly baked pita bread with their signature wild thyme, sesame seed mixture called Za’tar Man’oushe. Always order two with an aperitif drink. The trick is to eat it piping hot and let the mixture on top melt in your mouth. The secret is in the thyme. The thyme originates from the middle east and has a signature twist of flavor. Luckily, they sell this for guests to take home.

For the main meal its all about the plate sharing. You begin by ordering a few simple plates along with a main protein. For us here at Food & Flowers, we love their vegetables. At our last visit to Lyra, the harissa roasted beets with a fig, apricot duqqa and pistachios were the best thing that graced the table that night. The sweet and spiced beets melted in our mouths, and the creamy duqqa and crunchy pistachio gave the ultimate balance of sweetness, texture and lightness.

"Its always fun when a vegetable

tastes in a way you never knew it could."

On the menu there is always some form of a lamb meatball, and its always ordered. At our first visit to Lyra was a lamb meatball in a savory matzo ball style soup. It soaked up such deep, rich flavors a second dish had to be ordered. A second visit to Lyra featured a more tangy rich lamb Kefta meatball, served on a creamy kohlrabi puree, and highlighted with a sour cherry sauce. It played on a balance of sweet and sour, that could only be tasted when all the elements of the dish were on your spoon.

Last, but not least, was a unique and fabulous dessert. A light phyllo dough apricot cup, with an airy cream base was the perfect savory and sweet finish to the meal. When visiting Nashville, or if you are a local, make sure to stop by Lyra at 935 W Eastland Ave.  We love them so much at Food & Flowers they are #1 on our top ten places to eat in Nashville, TN. Should your restaurant or favorite local food place should be on this list? It’s always evolving! Food & Flowers will be out to you to visit, eat, and review. Contact us with your obsession at foodnflowersobsessed@gmail.com Or follow us on insta @foodnflowersobsessed or twitter @foodnflowersobs.

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