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Indian Street Food to Chaat About in Smashville !

Instagram- worthy lunch spot at Chaatable


345 40th Avenue

Nashville, TN 37209

What is Indian street food? Don't worry we didn't know either! That is what makes this lunch spot, Chaatable, so much fun. The word "chaat" in Hindi means "lick" and our lunch plates were definitely lickable.

Reading through the menu we here at Food & Flowers were so excited to try it all and had lots of questions. For example what is a potato friter vada pau on a buttered bun? Is this a hamburger? Or a potato pancake? Actually this Street Ballin' lunch option is a combination of both. Coupled with the mixed green salad and herby, zesty dressing this is a great choice for lunch.

In the Frankie Goes to Bollywood dish malai chicken is rolled in an egg pancake. Mint chutney anyone? The resulting taste was impressive: light in texture, deeply spiced and comforting. Kinda like an egg taco. For us at Food & Flowers each dish was a beautiful surprise and made us really excited to come back for dinner. Fresh, different and well-cooked meals will bring back any diner.

We cannot forget to mention the impressive restaurant design with 38,000 gold bracelets lining the walls, colorful paper umbrellas lining the ceiling and beautiful stained glass lamps. This restaurant is perfectly poised for continued success with L&L marketplace, an emerging trendy retail space, right across the street. Make sure to stop by for reliable, unique food that is not to be missed.

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