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Green Pheasant of Nashville Delivers Unique Eats

Food is moving at The Green Pheasant next to Ascend Amphitheater

The Green Pheasant

215 1st Ave S

Nashville, TN 37201

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Walking into The Green Pheasant in the heart of downtown Nashville we were very surprised when our first plate was... moving!? The okonomiyaki consisted of a potato, scalllop, bacon and ham Japanese inspired pancake topped with bonito flakes. It was served so piping hot that when it arrived to the table the escaping steam from the pancake moved the bonito flakes and the dish appeared to be dancing. It looked alive! We will write this one down for the books... we have never been served a first dish that actually moves!

This Japanese fusion restaurant has its roots from the owners of Two Ten Jack from East Nashville. When you first walk in it has a Great Gatsby vibe subtly fused with an Asian touch. Think green velvet, leather and gold done tastefully. The menu is separated into cold and hot. From the cold menu we ordered a fresh heirloom tomato salad with Nori vinaigrette, house made ricotta and a wasabi pea granola. The flavors were fresh, light and the perfect contrast to the salty, savory pancake.

For the main dishes we ordered a super tender and elegant Japanese wagyu and creamy crab noodles and of course pheasant dumplings. It was a unique meal to remember and one you will not want to miss here in Nashville, TN !

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