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Good as FOLK.

Trendy pizza with hot honey, specialty cheeses, and unique desserts.


823 Meridian Street

Nashville, TN

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Tucked back on an unexpected corner in a residential neighborhood in East Nashville, Folk restaurant draws in a packed crowd because well.... they are good as Folk! *Please see the note at the end of this post for the timing of our visit.*

Walking in you are greeted with a living plant wall, crawling up and alongside the popular bar. Their fresh, wood walls warm the restaurant and the high ceilings lift you, giving an airy feel. The open kitchen allows the wafting smell of the wood-fired pizza oven to drip over to your seats.

To begin our meal we started off with Timberdoodle, fruit mostarda, and lavash. TIMBERDOODLE??? That is exactly what we were thinking! Timberdoodle is a specialty cow's milk cheese with a buttery-rich texture. The cheese is the perfect base for the mostarda fruit spread, then topped with a specialty flaky homemade cracker called lavash. We love when we read a menu and have no idea what an item is! And the wait staff described it perfectly.

Our other vegetable appetizer of crisp red cabbage, roasted beets, creme fraiche, and chopped apple was the perfect refreshing, crispy side dish to the buttery cheese.

The wood-fired pizza crust gave off a yeasty aroma and it was too enticing to resist. So we ordered it for our main dish. The crust was the perfect chewy texture, and blackened with a charcoal finish. The pizza was still bubbling as it arrived at the table.

The first pizza, a classic mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato, and Parmesan. Its ooey-gooey cheese did not disappoint the native New Yorkers devouring its slices.

The second pizza, was picked for its spicy honey, pork sausage, provolone picante, and preserved hot peppers. We recommend asking for a little extra spicy honey to drizzle on top. It is addicting and compliments the pizza's savory base so well.

To wrap it up we made sure to try their homemade dark chocolate, salted caramel ice cream, and banana cream cannoli. Unique and decadent, the richness of these desserts sent us home in a carbohydrate coma. The trendiest little touch at the end of our meal is a doodled drawing of their restaurant on a postcard for you to take home. This can be seen in the first image of our post. Our hearts just melted at this touching gesture. We enjoyed Folk so much that they have made our top ten list of Food Spots in Nashville and will continue to rise close to the top of the list as we visit again.. and again. Bar seating will probably be the only seats available if you are a walk-in guest and we highly recommend a reservation.

Note: Here at Food & Flowers we had a reservation for Folk set for March 7th, 2020 to celebrate a special birthday. March 2nd and into the night of March 3rd a deadly tornado hit Nashville, TN. We were devastated and so was the restaurant industry. Many of our favorite places in East Nashville and Germantown were deeply affected. Luckily FOLK was untouched and we were able to keep our reservation and support a local restaurant through this terrible time. We had brunch reservations for Geist on Sunday, March 8th, 2020. It was blown apart by the storms. Now a second blow to our Nashville community has hit through the coronavirus shutdown. And all the restaurants were on hold for so long. It is beginning to open back up slowly and they need us now more than ever. FOLK has a takeout service and I encourage readers if you are willing to support our local restaurant scene and its workers by ordering. We cannot lose our most cherished places and workers who help bring us such delicious food.

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