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Food and Flowers. Obsess much?

Updated: Feb 26

Food and flower destination blogging at its best. Why not indulge in everything you love?

Everyday do you wake up and think is there more for me? What makes you buzz? What makes you so excited to get out of bed and take on the day? For us here at Food & Flowers... you've guessed right, food & flowers! They are simple, elegant, and what brings life to life everyday. They are adored by backyard gardeners, mothers, husbands, travelers, foodies, and the list goes on. Food and flowers can unite us all. Travel for us is driven by a yearning to experience new dishes, awe inspiring landscape, cottage gardens and fresh food markets.

Nashville and Beyond

Food & Flowers is beginning at its roots by diving into the food & flower scene in Nashville, TN. Nashville has become a true destination city and its booming. As expected its garden and restaurant scene has exploded as well with new locations, and a TN cut flower collective. We will also have some stops along the way in Philadelphia, Orlando, Manhattan, Southern Ireland and Scotland. How is that for a food & flower obsessed year?! You won't want to miss food and flowers continued travels in 2021.

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In this year where will Food & Flowers be going? Nashville, Philadelphia, Orlando, Manhattan, Southern Ireland and Scotland to name a few. Follow posts, share your feedback, food and flowers.
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