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Blueberry + Chess + Pie - Nashville, TN

Trendy Dozen Bakery delivers in up and coming Wedgewood-Houston area

Dozen Bakery

516 Hagan Street

Nashville, TN 37203

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Tucked back among old warehouses on Hagan street is Dozen Bakery that delivers on its bakery promise. Lemon lavender pie anyone? Blueberry chess? Who has ever heard of these flavors? The blueberry chess pie somehow talked its way onto our plate and spoiled us with its sugary creamy chess pie base with fresh tart baked blueberries on top. A pie achievement!

But don't forget the cookies...you might be deceived by the simplicity of a chocolate chip pecan cookie or a black and tan bar. But don't be! It was summed up very clearly by another customer's comment as we entered the bakery, "Don't worry everything is good here." The chocolate chip cookie was perfectly baked with a crispy edge, crunchy pecans and a doughy center. The only mistake we made was not buying more.

Not up for something sweet? They have freshly made tart sourdoughs and earthy baked rye breads to take home. It is a definite stop in the Nashville food scene and in such an trendy, up and coming "WeHo" area. With a loyal customer base we almost didn't want to share this food secret. But if there is good food we have to share the eats.

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