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Bloomstall: A Must Stop for Flowers

A hidden gem in the heart of Columbia, Tennesee


Inside the Columbia Arts Building

307 W 11th St

Columbia, TN

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Tucked back in an old warehouse lies a hidden gem with a bright cheerful owner who embodies her business. It's Bloomstall. The flowers offered are selected so that any of the combinations you create are perfectly styled. The blooms, sold by the stem, are modern, unique and clever colors that stay with today's trends: mustard yellow, soft whites and delicate antique rose. Carnations, poppies, mums, eucalyptus and corn flowers to name a few.

If you have trouble making your own bouquet there is a beautiful example for you to copy at the ready. The antique windows give off the perfect lighting and when you walk in you realize you have found a truly unique place.

When Food & Flowers visited we could tell right away the owner has a deep love for business and her blooms. She carefully helped us select a bouquet and told us about her local sourcing in middle Tennessee. The store also offered an array of unique Bloomstall totes, prints for the wall and antiques. You get so much more then just flowers when you visit Bloomstall. You get a sense of community and great easy conversation with other customers equally excited about all Boomstall has to offer. That is why Bloomstall has made our top ten list of flower spots in Nashville, TN.

It is well worth the trip to Columbia, TN to see this little gem on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Make a day of it and visit Columbia's gorgeous downtown, have a slice of pie at Pie Sensations and do some shopping at Faded Farmhouse. Does all of this sound new to you? Perfect! That is why we are here at Food & Flowers to help you have the best of the best on your weekends and travels.

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