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Baileys, Candy Bar, Banana Pudding ....Cheesecake!!!

Germantown Cafe offering a mind-blowing cheesecake rotation in Nashville

Germantown Cafe

1200 5th Ave N

Nashville, TN 37208

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There have been a lot of cheesecakes enjoyed by everyone at Food & Flowers over our lifetimes. When we tell you go get this cheesecake right away, we mean it. It is a call ahead, make sure it is available, have dessert for dinner kind of cheesecake. It is so light, airy and cheesy sweet with the perfect balance of saltiness that it creates cheesecake dreams. It's not too heavy but not to light either. It's flavors are spot on and there are so many! This trip we had the Baileys Cheesecake and couldn't have been more excited at the crunchy health bar bites we found inside. Just looking at this picture brings back the cheesecake memory and makes us want to go back. Cheesecake to go please! Cheesecake drive thru??

What makes this cheesecake even more fun is the rotation of flavors: Chef's Bailey cheesecake made with Heath and a caramel drizzle, trailer trash cheesecake with every candy bar you can think of, Butterfinger cheesecake with caramel drizzle, banana pudding cheesecake with nilla wafer crust or drumroll.... our favorite here at Food & Flowers... the banana white chocolate cheesecake with vanilla wafer peanut butter crust. Do we even need to say more? To find out what flavor they are currently offering find them on Twitter!

It is also very important to discuss their homemade apple pie with fresh vanilla ice cream and melted walnut butter. YES YOU HEARD US RIGHT MELTED WALNUT BUTTER. It is so amazing as well and impossible to not mention it. We actually discovered this cheesecake on a return trip for their apple pie!

Here at Food & Flowers we are gushing over this cheesecake and we cannot encourage you enough to go get Germantown Cafe's yummy desserts. We are ashamed though that because the desserts are so deliciously amazing that we have not tried their actual food yet! It is on our list of course... soon we promise. For now we are really content with dessert for dinner at Germantown Cafe frequently.... daily. You get the gist.

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