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Back to Cuba - Nashville, TN

Slow cooked black beans, sweet fried plantains.. sticky rice.... interested yet?

Back to Cuba

4683 Trousdale Road

Nashville, TN 37204

Visit them on their website

Slow cooked, braised, broiled, stewed roasted. Imagine a meal that makes you think of home, your roots.. where you came from. That is the feeling that embraces you when you walk into the quaint restaurant, Back to Cuba, just of off route 65. You order at the counter and food comes out quickly . The owner takes your order from the chalkboard behind the counter : cafe con leche, vaca frita, black beans, white rice and sweet, fried plantains.

What is vaca frita? Fried and shredded flank steak with slow roasted onions. Nothing pretentious, nothing overdone just slow cooked and deeply flavorful food. The plaintains are soft, sweet but crispy on the outside. The sticky rice soaks up the black bean sauce and mixes with the steak; deliciously comforting.

One thing is for sure. Cuban's know their coffee. Sweet frothy milk with a deep caramel, coffee undertone is a great addition to any meal. We here at Food & Flowers have heard they have the most authentic Cuban coffee in the city of Nashville. We agree. See you in Cuba!

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