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A Slice of Heaven at Merridee's Breadbasket

What can bring you more peace then a piece of pie?

Merridee's Breadbasket

110 Fourth Ave South

Franklin, TN 37064

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Merridee's Bread Basket is serving up homemade heavenly goodness in slice form. No not with pizza, but sweet, creamy, tangy key lime pie. Or pie of the day with blackberry pie, cherry pie for Wednesdays, chocolate chess pecan pie for all days; homemade crusts and fresh whipped cream. Unctuous, yummy obsess over pie like your mama made it. Need more? Take a whole pie home! Eat dessert first. Do all the things and enjoy every bite.

"Do all the things and enjoy every bite."

-Food & Flowers

Of course there is more to Merridee's then just pie. They make their own breads for sandwiches and dipping for homemade soups. Oatmeal bread is soft and velvety, viking bread is hearty and wholesome, and their sourdough has the perfect tartness. Coffee cakes and cheese breads. The options are endless.

One of their best specials is the chicken salad sandwich that comes with chips and you guessed it... a slice of pie!

Seriously y'all you need to get to Franklin, TN and devour some Merridee's. It is so comforting and delicious. It just is.

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