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A Garden Amusement Park - Hewitt Garden & Design

Think modern cottage garden, mixed with exotic jungle.

Hewitt Garden Design Center

2525 Hilsboro Road

Franklin, TN

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When you step into Hewitt Garden & Design Center on Hilsboro Road in Franklin, TN you are flooded with options to experience. The drive into the garden center is laced with varieties of Japanese maple trees almost kissing your car as you enter. The garden yard is graced with bloom after bloom of delicate flowers, tropical banana leaf trees, hibiscus and even bonsai.

Two greenhouses are filled to the brim with rich green tropical plants, fiddle leaf fig trees, and palms. Unique houseplants are abounding. Around the corner, another greenhouse is filled with dessert cactus, succulents, short round prickly cactus, agave, and anything else an arid dessert would supply. Stepping into this greenhouse transports you to the desert. You’re not in middle Tennessee anymore Toto!

Need delicate orchid blooms? Oh, they have an entire orchid house with delicate leaves, large screaming blooms, miniature lacy petals, yellow, red, white, and green. There are so many varieties and colors of orchids hanging from the walls it becomes impossible to pick just one.

If you are visiting Nashville, take a drive down to Franklin, TN to see their historic downtown and of course the Hewitt Garden & Design Center. Your visit would not be complete without a trip to this amusement park of flowers and trees all housed in a garden center. It is almost like you have taken a vacation at our number pick in our top ten list for flower spots in Nashville, TN.

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